Donald Kerry Frey’s main career has been to become one of the best and brightest tech entrepreneurs in the business. He has a particular passion for information and how information consumption can be used to make everyone smarter and more informed, as well as less fearful of the unknown. That was the motivation behind his creation of the tech news site, Frey Robotics, which can be found at Over many years, Donald has always tried to better understand the process of information consumption and how to best teach people how to use that information in a way that makes the world around him better.

The idea struck Donald Kerry Frey, tech entrepreneur, to Frey Robotics is based on the concept that tech news shouldn’t scare people. He believes that it’s possible to
inform people about the such technology as robotics without simply pointing out that jobs will be displaced. Instead, Donald hopes to spark something in his readers that makes them more likely to accept the future. After all, robotics is a fact of life because they make life better and businesses more efficient in the long run. Armed with a better source of information, automation and robotics may just stop feeling like a threat to their job.