Tech media entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey envisions himself as being a purveyor of the best available source of information. That is because he has a passion for information and a desire to drive better information consumption on the part of the public at large. In his mind, it is possible for everyone to better understand the consumption of information and to learn about the best ways to use that information to make the world a better place. It is those notions that drove Donald Kerry Frey to create two news sites; Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune (

He established Frey Robotics with the notion that informing people about the current state of technology might spark something that makes them more likely to accept the reality that robotics and technology are the future. One reason people are anxious about the future is because they don’t really understand what’s happening. By informing them, they will become more accepting of a future in which robotics is a reality. Donald Kerry Frey also believes that a balanced approach to information is always the best way to become an informed citizen, which is why he created the news site Nova Tribune.

Donald Kerry Frey didn’t see a great deal of balance at most news sources, so his idea was to create a website that would present the news in a way that approaches all issues with an even hand. Whereas most news sites approached the news from either one side or another, he envisioned The Nova Tribune as a source of news from all perspectives. The site presents all sides of every issue. His news site is an alternative to news consumers that informs them through articles that reflect multiple fields and interests.